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we pay top money for accident damaged vehicles

As well as purchasing End of Life Vehicles and M.O.T failures we also purchase and pay top money on any accident damaged vehicle, (salvage), or any unwanted vehicles.

Care and consideration is taken when salvaging parts from inside the vehicles. We offer a complete range from mechanical to electrical parts. These parts are cleaned, tested and finally numbered. They range from as wide as electrical switches, heater blower motors, to mechanical hand brakes, steering locks and columns, and winder mechanisms. On the second floor of our warehouse we offer a vast range of complete interiors and replacement seats from leather to base models, all of which are checked, cleaned and as new and of a fraction of the new cost.

Body Shell
All major panels are salvaged from the vehicles, all of these are unmarked, undamaged, and are ready for resale. All panels are stored in purpose built racks to maintain their condition. As well as major panels i.e. Bonnets, Bumpers, and Tailgates etc. Time and consideration is taken to save smaller more fragile spares such as Mirrors, Door glass, Windscreens, Lamps, and Sunroofs. Each part is catalogued to allow the minimum delay on enquiries.

Running Gear
All mechanical parts go through a quality and safety check prior to dismantling. We offer a huge range of mechanical parts in this category. This range includes thousands of parts on each item; the range includes Drive shafts complete with CVs, prop shafts, Axles, Rear Beams, Front Suspension Struts, Front Hubs complete with bearings. (All these major mechanical parts are carefully checked by our qualified mechanics and meet currents M.O.T. guidelines).

Before Engines and Transmissions are selected and entered into stock they all go through a checking in system. Our company's experienced engineers check for minimal wear and that all units meet our high standards. We offer a full range of complete engines set up with ancillaries, or bare blocks with cylinder heads to a full range of engine parts. On every section of engine parts and ancillaries we carry over a thousand items per section. This list consists of Cylinder Heads, Camshafts, Rocker Shafts, Flywheels, Distributors, Carburettors, Starter-Motors and finally Alternators. All of these mechanical or electrical components go through our rigorous screening system and are fully guaranteed. On all Engines and Transmissions are numbered with our two part tagging system. The history and origin are coded on each tag. Transmissions, Manual or Auto are only salvaged when the vehicle can be driven either on the road or when damaged driven on car lifts. They are checked through the gears and for any noise or damage.


The DVLA has started to issue new V5C Registation Documents.You can no longer use the V5C to notify DVLA that the vehicle has been scrapped. You need a C.O.D.... A CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION from us to notify scrapping and to get a refund on the vehicle road fund license (Road Tax). Only a licensed AUTHORISE TREATMENT FACILITY such as ourselves can issue a C.O.D

For more info please go to www.direct.gov.uk/motoring

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